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I have been writing ever since I was a teenager.  I started because I had a small poetic streak in me.  Then I wrote children stories. At first for my brother, then for my own children.  I later branched out to novels and short stories in my early twenties.  I didn't think I wrote in any particular genre, however publishers have called all of the novels - romance.  I prefer to think I write romance, sci-fi, humor, and not-so-mainstream subjects.  I love to write.  It is a release of pent up feelings or subjects that I love. 

Unknowingly I began a novel that has grown into a series.  The series will be referred to as the Flickertail Saga.  The second novel in the Flickertail Saga is ready to publish and I have been thinking of doing it via e-book publishing.  I am currently writing the third novel of this saga.    

2013 - I'm working on getting a novel ready for e-book publishing.  E-books seem to be the new way to do things.  

2014 - I published a new novel in paperback and e-book format.  The title of this movel is:  "Tiarra".  I am looking at doing promotion of this book and my other books.  Not sure if I can do it this year or not but I am looking into it so its down the road.


June 6, 2014 - This now on my domain.  I will be updating this as time allows.  Starting with today.  I will be blogging from this site and not from my old site  I have provided links to my Facebook author page and to my old blog site listed above. 

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